What’s Up Wednesday  Hello friends! As I mentioned in my last blog post, life has been absolutely crazy. I want to badly to understand how these professional bloggers get it all done! The Fiance and I are attempting to plan a wedding, we just bought a house and are renovating […]

What’s Up Wednesday 5-2-17

Well, It’s March… I can’t believe how much time has passed since I last blogged. I am certain you have all been sitting at your computer wondering where I have been. No? Well, that’s okay too. Since my last post, a lot has happened. The boyfriend and I traveled around Thailand […]

Well, It’s March…

Throwback Thursday: Travel Rendition Well, we are off on our next big adventure today! This morning we boarded a plane in Denver, and in a “short” 21 hours we will be across the world in Bangkok. Gah! We have been planning our Asian getaway for what seems like ages now. In […]

Throwback Thursday

Snooze: An AM Eatery Saturdays are probably my favorite day of the week, especially when we don’t have anything planned. My absolute favorite Saturdays go like this: **Spoiler Alert: I am not a morning person** Pre-Workout 7:30am: Hear the boyfriend roll out of bed… rather noisily if I do say so […]

“Snooze”y Saturdays

Not Your Average Fall Salad First off, I have a confession to make. My obsession with La Criox is at a whole new level. It was already pretty out of control, considering I drink about 3-4 cans of it a day and our pantry often resembles a La Croix warehouse. I […]

Not Your Average Fall Salad

What’s Up Wednesday!  Happy Humpday!  So I have to apologize for my lack of posts and content recently. Adulting has taken over and I am just trying to make it through right now. Unfortunately, that means Greater Altitudes has been on my back burner, which is not what I want at […]

What’s Up Wednesday 11-2!

Kooky Spooky 10K Race Recap About 6 weeks ago, the boyfriend and I decided to sign up for some races to keep us motivated to run. While we love our Crossfit Bootcamp (HIIT) workouts, we wanted to work towards something and some races seemed like a good idea. So I got […]

Kooky Spooky 10K Race Recap

Wanderlust & Preparing for Asia I have been getting posts ready to go for when we are away in Asia so that Greater Altitudes doesn’t miss a beat while I am disconnected from the world! Good news for you? Yes! Bad news for me, because it means I have been super […]

Wanderlust & Asia Prep