Hi! I am Ellen! 

Sometimes, not often, but sometimes I wish I was British. Solely for the purpose of sounding significantly more interesting than I really am. Can you honestly tell me that this all wouldn’t be far more entertaining if I said something really endearing like “brilliant” or “bloody”?

Unfortunately, you are going to have to bear with me, my American accent, and my painfully boring sayings. Sorry about that.

 So who am I? 

I am a Colorado native, travel addict who loves a good craft beer and full red wine. I make wishes at 11:11. Typically, they are for a puppy another puppy.

Words matter to me and I trust the outdoors to heal my soul when the going gets tough. My fiance, boxer puppy, and our family mean the world to me. I love to cook, attempt to stay in shape and watch crappy reality tv shows.

Laughing is my favorite activity in the whole world…Particularly
while I am traveling around the world. I constantly read travel blogs and country guidebooks… Even if I have no intention of visiting anywhere soon. Travel-hacking and points-earning are my personal art forms.

But what’s your background, Ellen?

In 2013, I graduated from Texas Christian University. (Go Frogs!) With nothing but the horizon before me, I boarded a plane to Iceland. At the time, it was the scariest decision of my life; to travel solo through seven different countries.

I returned to Denver in 2014 and got myself one of those corporate cubicle jobs that comes with fancy things like a 401K and medical benefits. Eventually, an office with a beautiful view came too. I casually regularly found myself googling things like, “How to quit a really good job”. 

And then one day, I figured I just had to go for it. I quit my secure, fancy, corporate job that just wasn’t right for me to pursue a career in travel and wedding planning. 

Essentially, I decided to be the millennial my birth year destined me to be.  

I hope you enjoy following along on my adventures here at Greater Altitudes! Please feel free to connect with me to chat, plan your next vacation, or to just harass me for not sounding significantly more clever due to my lack of an accent! 

Welcome to my Mile High! I hope to reach Greater Altitudes with you,

Ellen Taylor