Our Honeymoon: Why We Are Skipping The Beach

A Different Kind of Proposal

Last November, Jeremy proposed to me in the only way fitting for a travel junkie such as myself – in a foreign country where the only other person I knew was him. It was exactly what I always wanted, despite the constant pressure to throw a party with family and friends for the proposal. 

While this is a lovely idea and I have been in attendance at many of such parties that brought more than a tear to my eye, it just wasn’t right for us. Chiang Mai, Thailand at the opening of the Loy Krathong festival on the other hand? Perfect.

Honeymoon Planning

Naturally, once we returned home after two weeks of celebrating throughout Thailand and Cambodia we started planning our wedding honeymoon. We immediately started brainstorming destinations for our next big adventure:

South Africa. Spain. Portugal. Argentina. 

The options were endless! Yet, nobody else seemed to think the locales we were discussing were good options for a honeymoon. Confused, we started asking for advice. 

Everyone was certain a honeymoon had to be on the beach as romance, sun, luxury, and most importantly relaxation were all built right in. 

Ultimately, we decided to heed the advice of married couples that came before us and started researching beach destinations. Now, don’t get me wrong, we love the beach and a strawberry daiquiri as much as the next guy, but it just wasn’t speaking to us. 

Despite this, we decided on Hawaii. We weren’t vastly excited about another beach trip so close to our December Dominican Republic trip, but honestly, any trip to Hawaii was bound to be a good one! 

Honeymoon Planning: Round 2

By some intervening power, flights from Denver to Hawaii skyrocketed, and Jeremy and I decided to have one last conversation about our honeymoon locale. It went something along the lines of, “Why aren’t we doing what we really want to do?”

And that was that. We re-vamped an itinerary from our brainstorming period from a loaded tour of Southern Spain and parts of Portugal into a leisurely 6 days in Lisbon and 7 days in Barcelona. So while we are heeding the “take-it-easy” advice, we are getting the European honeymoon (read: food & cava) we really wanted the whole time. 

Sure, it isn’t a typical honeymoon. We didn’t have a typical proposal either, so why try to fit in now? Travel is for you and we intend to see the world exactly how we want to. Honeymoon and all! 

Stay tuned for an update on all our plans for the trip, but until then, where did you honeymoon? Was it a typical destination? How did you decide? 

Until next time, 


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