Kooky Spooky 10K Race Recap

Kooky Spooky 10K Race Recap

About 6 weeks ago, the boyfriend and I decided to sign up for some races to keep us motivated to run. While we love our Crossfit Bootcamp (HIIT) workouts, we wanted to work towards something and some races seemed like a good idea. So I got us all signed up for All-Out Multicourse Productions’ Kooky Spooky 10K this past Sunday in Golden.


Pre-Race Jitters 

We didn’t pick up our packets on Friday, so we wanted to get the course with plenty of time to get our packets and get settled. Apparently, we were a little over-anxious. We woke up around 6:30, ate some eggs  and coffee and were out of the house by 7am. The gun wouldn’t go off until 9:30. Whoooops. 

That being said, we got to the course around 7:45 and easily and quickly picked up our race packets and nifty shirts. There was a ton of fog and temps were hanging barely above freezing, so we shuffled right back into our car to wait until the 10K start. 

We were both anxious as it had been quite some time since the last time either of us had raced. Personally, I had done one 5K in college, but my last true race was the State Championship in 2010 for my high school varsity cross-country team. Needless to say, race jitters were in full effect. 

Ready, Set, Go 

At around 9:15, we decided to go line up. I ditched my pants and long sleeves so I was mighty chilly while we waited for the gun. It was a small race so we were pretty far up in the corral which was nice. Promptly at 9:30, the announcements ended and we were off! 

Mile by Mile Recap

Mile 1: We got off to a super quick downhill start. The steady decline, combined with pre-race jitters and the chilly weather made my legs turnover faster than usual. Unfortunately, I lost the boyfriend right away, but I knew I would find him at the finish line so I just kept on moving. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was at the mile 1 marker. 7:15. I needed to slow down. 


Mile 2: I worked hard at going slower in Mile 2, little did I know, I should have just kept up the pace because….

Miles 3-4: Holy Hills. I was so not ready for the hills these miles presented. But I just kept telling myself to keep moving and not to worry about my pace. I was by no means quick as these miles averaged about 8:45, but I didn’t let anybody pass me and ended up ticking off a few of the men who went out too fast and were burned out by this time. 

Mile 5: Was all downhill and boy was I ready to take advantage! I made sure my stride was long and I wasn’t working against gravity on this mile. 7:04.


Mile 6: Despite the hilly miles, this was my least favorite mile of the race. Around the end of mile 5 and beginning of mile 6 you end up colliding into the slower 5K racers. Sometimes this isn’t so bad, but considering I was hoping for another quick mile and to pick off a few more people, it definitely wasn’t ideal. The small path made it difficult to get around the walkers and I couldn’t see the 10K runners in front of me. This is the only part of the race I would have changed up. 

Finish: I finished in 50:04 making me 19th overall, 8th woman, and 2nd in my age/gender division. 8 min/mile average. 


Then I promptly started running back on the course to go cheer the boyfriend into the finish line. Boy, was I proud of him!! 




This was a super fun Halloween race, as it was well organized and a gorgeous course. Racing around a pretty reservoir with mountains in the backdrop is about as good as it gets. If I could change one thing it would have been that last mile, but overall I was happy with my race and excited to have a bib on again.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) we had to get home to Denver to go cheer on the Broncos. Therefore, we didn’t get to stick around for awards and results, but we did snag some of the yummy Fuzzy’s breakfast burritos, so I would call it a win.

Fuzzy’s FTW! 

Up Next: Santa Stampede 10K in Littleton! 

Until Next Time, 

Ellen Taylor


Have you run any races recently? 

What were your Halloweekend festivities? 

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