Workout Wednesday No What’s Up Wednesday this week, because I want to chat with y’all a little bit about getting fit. Here is the thing about working out, eating right, getting fit and feeling good about ourselves… It is cyclical. In more than one way.  At first, I thought it […]

Workout Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday!  Good Morning, Friends!  I can’t thank you all enough for the texts, calls and sweet comments in regards to the blog. I am so happy to be sharing it with you and hope you all keep coming back.  So what is going on? A lot! Work has been […]

What’s Up Wednesday 10-12

Shaved Lemon Brussel Sprouts If you have been reading my What’s up Wednesday posts, you know the boyfriend and I are going to Thailand in November. What my Wednesday posts have neglected to mention is that while we are “planning” for the trip, I am still massively unprepared.  I suppose […]

Shaved Lemon Brussel Sprouts

IT Band Recovery I vividly remember the first time my IT Band crippled my knee in pain. It was during a varsity lacrosse game my sophomore year of high school. I limped off the field.  Shake it off.  I couldn’t. In fact, I barely played a full game for the remainder of […]

IT Band Recovery

What’s Up Wednesday!  Good Morning, Mom! (As I assume at this point you are pretty much my only reader…)  So what is going on? A few things have happened this week. First and foremost, I finally got this blog out into the world. Phew. I honestly don’t know if that is […]

What’s Up Wednesday 10-5

Blue Island Oyster Bar: Cherry Creek For some reason, my body has not been wanting to work out lately. It just hasn’t been moving as quickly or feeling as strong. Yet, I keep heading back to the gym and tying up my laces and hitting the road. Because sometimes working […]

Blue Island Oyster Bar: Cherry Creek

Welcome to my Home!  So I keep trying to find the right words for Greater Altitude’s first day of live content. I think it must be too much pressure for me, because I keep sounding like I have it all together… I definitely do not. In fact, this whole blog is […]

Welcome to my Home!

BornColorado   We love Colorado. It’s that simple. Born and raised in the state of Colorado you learn to appreciate all that the state has to offer. The endless mountain views, the culture and life within the city and small towns, the people. The balance between working hard and playing […]