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Saturdays are probably my favorite day of the week, especially when we don’t have anything planned. My absolute favorite Saturdays go like this:

**Spoiler Alert: I am not a morning person**


7:30am: Hear the boyfriend roll out of bed… rather noisily if I do say so myself… Accidently give him a dirty look for waking me up.

8:08am: The first of my alarms starts going off. The boyfriend brings me in a cup of piping hot Trader Joes coffee and leaves it on my nightstand. He calls me a grumpy lady and reminds me, yet again, that he wants to be leaving the house by 8:30. I mumble something about how we don’t need to leave until 8:38 at the EARLIEST.

8:26am: The boyfriend is starting to get ancy that I have yet to get out of bed. He comes in again to remind me that we need to leave soon. I tell him I have an alarm set.

8:30am: My alarm goes off. I fly out off bed, nearly knock over my coveted caffeine, and throw myself into a pair of leggings and a tank. I run around the apartment like a mad woman until the boyfriend kindly tells me where my Nikes are at.

8:36am: Leave the house, coffee in tow. The boyfriend mumbles something about being late. I sip on my caffeine and praise the Coffee Gods.

8:50am: Still arrive early to the gym.

During Workout

9:00am: Our Crossfit inspired HIIT/Bootcamp class start.

9:00-10:00am: I get my ass kicked.

10:00am: Hang around the gym a bit and talk with friends. Finally decide to head out, because my caffeine is running low.

Post Workout

10:15am: Head to Snooze (an AM Eatery) at Colorado and 8th. See a massive line of people waiting for their chance to nom on the glorious food. Laugh internally to myself muahahaha

10:16am: Put our name on the list. Get told it will be about a 75-90 minute wait.

10:18am: Return to the car and go pickup Starbucks…. because…. caffeine.

10:25am-11:45am: Drive the 10 blocks to our house. Shower. Watch some college football. Look at the clock and realize we should probably head back to Snooze.

11:50am: Return to Snooze right as we receive a text message saying our table is ready! Score! Walk in front of all the people who have been standing outside for the last hour and a half. Get seated

11:55am: Order some of the best breakfast tacos and gluten-free pancakes known to man. Also enjoy some adulty breakfast beverages, because why the heck not?!?

12:45am: Leave for home, not caring what we do for the rest of the day, because DANNNNNNGGGGG that food was delicious.

Snooze Breakfast

Don’t hit the Snooze button, get to Snooze!

Moral of the story, if you live in Denver, you already know how good this place is. Evidenced by the insane wait. It changes lives. You may not have known they have gluten-free pancakes that taste like gluten-filled pancakes. So check that out next time.

If you don’t live in Denver and come to visit, you need to eat breakfast here. But be warned about the lines and that there isn’t call ahead or reservations. Pro-Tip 101: Eat at the Union Station Snooze and take a walk around LoDo, watch the trains come into Union Station, and sip on coffee a few blocks up at Little Owl Coffee while you wait. No matter how long you have to wait, just trust me, it is worth it.

Until next time,

Ellen Taylor

What is your favorite Saturday Morning routine?

Do you enjoy brunch or are you a breakfast person?

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