Gift Guide for the Millennial Traveler

The 10 Best Gifts for the Traveling Woman 

Happy December, everyone!

I absolutely adore Christmas in Colorado, but this year I am trading a white snowy Christmas in for a white sandy one. And boy, I couldn’t be more excited to start getting ready for our trip to the Dominican Republic. There is nothing quite like rounding up everything I need for a trip on my horizon. (I am sure that makes me a nerd in a variety of different ways!)

So as I am gathering my travel essentials, I thought I would round up the best gifts for the jet-setter in your life. Whether they are planning their next big trip or getting on a plane tomorrow this travel-inspired gift guide has plenty of ideas for the travel-bug. 

2018 Travel Inspired Gift Guide

& why traveling women need these under their tree!

These packing cubes are an absolute lifesaver. Before the Fiance and I went to Thailand and Cambodia last year, I bought these exact cubes in teal for myself and red for the man. And I dare say, I have never looked back! I always thought I was plenty organized without packing cubes, but these have made a huge difference in my packing. 


Can you say obsessed? Because I am with this world watch! I currently own a boring brown and tan version of it. Lame! Daily, I wear my apple watch, but when I travel I like to wear one that I won’t be disappointed if it gets beat up, lost, or stolen. The price of this fun timepiece definitely wouldn’t have me crying if something unfortunate occurred.   It’s a stocking stuffer must for any traveling girl!


Gifts for your jet-setter don’t have to solely be for when they are traveling! Most of us wanderlusters adore home decor that shows off our love of travel. This wanderlust pillow is the perfect accent piece to do just that.


This may be my favorite travel product that I own. It is a little pricey but I can’t begin to tell you how beneficial I have found it in my travels. This Lush Dry Shampoo Bar is life-changing! Since it is a bar, you can say goodbye to security worries. And it leaves your hair fresh and soft. They have lovely conditioning bar as well.

Pro Tip: Make sure to get a tin holder for your first bar and then reuse it from there.              


No trip can be planned (or at least counted down to!) without a stylish planner. Erin Condren’s Watercolor World Life Planner is completely customizable and has plenty of room for planning your trips and life. I have been using Erin Condren planners for years. This year, you can bet I already have this beauty on order!    


Scarves are ultimate travel accessory. You can use them to keep warm, cover up in religious buildings, or simply to accessorize the same outfit you already wore 3 times that same trip (whoops!). This lightweight athleisure style scarf is definitely on my Christmas wish-list! 


Most of us ladies on the go don’t go anywhere without some reading material downloaded onto our Kindle. So don’t hesitate to give a book in their favorite genre. However, if you’re struggling with ideas, I recommend No Mud, No Lotus by Thich Nhat Hanh. Any traveler will appreciate the mindfulness lessons from the Zen Buddha Monk. 


For the woman who already has a passport cover, beautiful luggage tags, and every other travel accessory you can think of; I present you with – a camera strap! This is often overlooked as most cameras have a boring black strap. However, I love the added comfort and style that a different strap can add! 

These Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones have made all the difference on my flights. I honestly don’t know how I ever flew domestically without these babies. Let alone, a long-haul international flight! Say goodbye to chit-chat, crying babies and background noise and hello to your favorite podcasts and music… That is when your fiance isn’t stealing them because they are more comfortable than his!  


I don’t know the last time I went somewhere without a rain jacket. Not only are the practical in almost any location (including the beach!) they are also easy to pack and highly versatile. I adore Northface and always recommend traveling in black. Pick up this essential here! 


So there you have it! Get these essential travel items and make the traveler in your life a happy one!

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